National Grid

Scenario Planning - Building strategic scenarios to prepare the organisation with long range planning under uncertainty and equip the management team with critical decision making authority in relation to large capital investments and an M&A roadmap.

National Grid

Moregate worked with Decision Strategy International (DSI), a leader in scenario planning based in the US, to build strategic scenarios for 2020 for the CEO and his senior executive team.

We deployed the scenario planning tools and techniques developed by Prof Schoemaker of Wharton Business School, President and CEO of DSI.

With growing uncertainty in the energy markets, geopolitical rivalry and energy demand driven by the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) combined with an emerging alternative energy industry, not to mention recent issues with nuclear energy, the National Grid CEO, Steve Holliday, faced strategic issues under uncertainty.

The scenarios are designed to provide strategic options well in advance and act as early warning dashboards to ensure the organisation is prepared for the challenges certain economic, social and legal indicators present.

The scenarios are not designed to predict the future as we are not claiming to have the chrystal ball, but are plausible futures that indicate, through the analysis of leading and lagging indicators, whether the world is moving to one or another scenario or a combination of a number of scenarios.

The scenarios, combined with the fact that over 100 senior managers went through the scenario planning process, equip the executive management team at National Grid with critical decision making authority in relation to mergers and acquisitions as part of an international growth strategy, funding and commissioning large investment projects, as well as negotiating with regulators.

Our team ran well over 20 workshops with senior managers from across the world, a great number of executive interviews, including the CEO and his direct reports, conducted a great deal of research through interviewing external parties, such as the World Energy Council.

After the scenarios were presented to the board, some of the proposed options were implemented within the first three months.

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