Our Aim: to build better businesses. We capture the value from pre- and post M&A programmes - fast. Our clients benefit from our tested engagement tools, our highly experienced people and and our sense of what can be achieved. Leading organisations chose Moregate.


Unique Value

Our Directors have been in the M&A businesses as advisors and investors at the highest level for many years.

Combined with proven tools, we offer a no-nonsense, fast journey to realise value from your M&A deal.

Please refer to our M&A Integration paper in the Downloads section.


Our Clients' Challenges

Our experience suggest that management teams face a number of challenges common to post M&A situations:

  1. How to integrate the executive management team without disruption to day-to-day operations
  2. How to manage uncertainty among staff, customers and suppliers
  3. How to make the hard decisions regarding organisational restructuring when the environment is still fluid and uncertain
  4. How to manage shareholders' expectations


Avoiding Value Destruction

We have witnessed many reasons why the key challenges are not tackled in a timely or effective manner, thus destroying shareholder value:

  1. Lack of Senior Management time
  2. Lack of urgency among the top leadership - leading to delayed decision making
  3. Tendency to short-cut critical processes, such as due diligence, strategic planning, integration planning
  4. Not having the right people involved in planning and due diligence
  5. Flawed communication
  6. Biases leading to ineffective strategy implementation


Moregate's approach - Providing the Tools to capture the Value

As we have been through it many times, we understand the political and emotional barriers that may stand in the way to achieving the value creation targets.

Our 100 Day Plan process is designed to work with the senior management team to:

  1. Resolve the motions, biases and how to manage them
  2. Identify early, practical actions that can be implemented within a three months time frame
  3. Mobilise large parts of the organisation
  4. Identify synergies and growth opportunities and create senior management commitment
  5. Create an operational implementation plan spanning 12 - 18 months

Please refer to our M&A Capabilities paper in the Downloads section.

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